we aspire to evoke a familiar & comforting food experience, that verges on a "taste-bud-time-machine"  able to transport  flavors, textures and temperatures that collide in a coherent culinary memory moment...and:

ZAP! there you are...#retroeats nirvana...perhaps,

a place in the distant, or not-so distant-past, where you can actually access  sensory, hi-def food memories; and shucks, if we can't actually do all that, then we'll at least try to make new ones!


we're glad you made it!

we are a portland based #kitchenonwheels, that specializes in creating memorable food experiences that evoke comforting culinary traditions, or quite simply create new ones.  

we subscribe to the idea that everyone (and we mean EVERYONE) had at least one relative: grandmother, aunt, uncle, great cousin (you get the idea) that had up their sleeve a culinary masterpiece so compelling that they became the grand poobah (so to speak) of your food memories vault.  

they brought not only amazing flavors to the table, but imprinted on us an indelible gastronomic mark that guaranteed we would be forever transformed by it's mere introduction, let alone its masterful re-creation.

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any and all events, special occassions, weddings, business meetings, conferences...you name it!

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we'llget Big Pink Bertha to come along for the ride, 

She's several tons of YUM!